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Strategic Partners

Relationships we have forged

Our Partners

In order to achieve your goals we have realised that there are services which may be required that fall outside of our own area of expertise and thus there is need to have dedicated and competent strategic partners that able to provide those services that our clients require.

TFS Legal has therefore forged relationships with and is partnered with the following entities:

TFS Tecfin:

A company specialising in various accounting, practical taxation and company secretarial services for all of your business and personal needs.

TFS BEE Consulting:

TFS BEE Consulting strives to be a consulting leader in the community. Through the public practice of business advisory, management services and business consultancy; we seek to enhance the development of both the community, people and economy through our work with businesses throughout a wide range of different sectors and industries.

We believe in growth and quality service

We Are Continually Striving

To create new relationships with an even wider range of entities and firms in order to provide our clients with the best possible service at the best possible rates in all matters which may arise in every aspect of their personal and business lives.